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At Soundtemple we promise to deliver training that empowers you with the ability to enjoy your passion for DJ’ing &/or making electronic music with Ableton.  We’ll provide you with a training programme that is tailored to your needs.   Most importantly, I’ll make sure you have fun while your doing it.

Now more than ever there is more gear, more options, more choices and more information on all of these things.  Its all out there somewhere.  Whats more important, is a pathway to guide you through the myriad of choices.  Soundtemple Training was created to provide that pathway.

The pathway is a methodology for results that can be reproduced by you outside of the class room with full understanding.  It’s simple, practical and easy to comprehend so you can focus on doing what you really came here to do…. enjoy your passion.

Soundtemple was created by me – Tim Walter.  With a background in classical violin, a teenage fascination with synthesisers, and a 20year love of DJ’ing and electronic music I have decades of experience to share.  

I have been teaching people how to DJ and how to make electronic music with Ableton since 2009. I have taught all over Australia and now offer training via my Soundtemple website and in my Melbourne based Soundtemple Studio. I specialise in breaking down fundamental DJ and Electronic Music Production concepts into easily learned bite size tutorials, with a focus on getting you up and running quickly and steering you clear of pitfalls that lead to frustration and abandonment. 

Soundtemple is here to help you explore and progress your passion for electronic music and DJ’ing…..  so, get in touch and get things moving!

Since 2009, my DJ mixes have been awarded three times in global DJ competitions judged by some of the world’s best – including Sasha, Pete Tong, Kaskade and High Contrast.

In 2012, I released an album ‘Connecting the Dots‘ alongside other releases on UK based label, Pret A Ecouter.

2014 is set to see the release of my second album, with the first Feels Good EP out on Sweat it Out! in September 2014. At lease 3 more EP’s are scheduled for release in 2015.


Happy customers…

I have been a producer for many years with the intent of becoming a DJ and performing my own tracks. After holding 2nd place in the Dance Charts and reaching #24 in Australia on Triple J Unearthed I knew I really needed to get my DJ chops up, and quick! Tim was a great instructor and was not only very in depth with the information that was supplied by DJ Warehouse within the course, but he also let us in on his own personal bests and worsts as well as handy tips to know within the DJ scene, this made me and the rest of the class feel very comfortable working with Tim, we learned a lot from him and the course and would be more happy to recommend it to anybody else wishing to learn the tricks of trade and advance towards a career within the DJ Scene.



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