Access Virus Snow iPad Lemur Template

Control your Access Virus
Control your Access Virus

This is a template made with the Liine iPad Lemur software for iPad.

It provides control over main parameters on the selected Virus part.

It’s optimized for Snow users, but will work for Desktop and Virus Keyboard users.

One great thing about using this template is that automation is recorded onto the midi channel for the Virus part rather than all automation being recorded onto the midi channel hosting the Virus TI plugin.

The download comes with an Ableton Live Set (for Virus Snow users) with 4 parts routed to 4 midi channels in Live.  Just Record Arm the part and the iPad Lemur Virus template will control that part.

NB: To use this product you will need an iPad, Liine Lemur iPad app, and an Access Virus synth

Download for free here:



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