AllChords is a music making tool for non-keyboard players. See here for more information

1. Make sure you can get sound from your synth track by playing a midi clip, or using regular keyboard. ie make sure it is armed


2.  Check Ableton Preferences Midi Tab to be certain your settings are correct


3.  Make sure MT Player is running.  Its best if you start MT PLayer last – after Ableton and plugging in your Launchpad


4. Right Click on MT PLayer and select Midi Settings…. From the Port Name drop down re-select each option and check you have the correct MIDI PORT settings.

mtplayermidisettings mtplayermidigreen



 When installing AllChords, you need to access the User Library.  On Mac OSX 10.7 and 10.8 the user library is hidden by default. Here is how to get this back.

Launch Terminal, and enter the following command to show or hide the directory:

chflags nohidden ~/Library/


Read more about this here…

 In Ableton midi preferences you need to set up:-

1. The Default Launchpad remote script

2. The AllChords User Remote Script

3. Midi Ports for MT Player ST 1


AllChords ABleton Prefs















Make sure you have copied the AllChords remote script to the user library first 


I have tested the Launchpad S with AllChords and can confirm that it works just fine.

You need to select the Launchpad S instead of Launchpad in setup but thats it.


Launchpad S with AllChords


Setting up the Launchpad mini to work with AllChords is easy.

Connect your Launchpad mini via USB

Open Ableton and set your midi preferences as follows.


Next open MT Player
Right click on the GUI and select midi settings.
From the Port Name drop down you need to select the following, making sure you select Launchpad Mini in the Midi Port.




Press button 6 on the Launchpad mini. This will bring up the main AllChords page on your Launchpad Mini.

Have fun!






Yes and No! It’s not practical to run two Launchpad scripts at the same time. So running the Native Kontrol LPC and AllChords is not recommended.

However, it is possible to use a Native Kontrol script for another controller eg: The Push and the AllChords script at the same time.  We both use an OEM version of Bome’s Midi Translator, but the application names are different.  Native Kontrol Scripts use the app called MT Player and AllChords uses an app called MT Player ST. You can have both up and running at the same time.

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