Get .als from iTunes – Demo Movie

I break all my tracks into clips and drag them to the browser as an .als. I use iTunes to find which tracks I am going to play.

This resulted in an time consuming two step process to locate a song in iTunes and locate it again as an .als file in the Live browser.

My new iPhone remote gets around that by grabbing the .als file based on the selected mp3 in iTunes

I have this also set up on my APC40, so I can do it remote from the iPhone or direct from the APC40

It uses an iPhone app called Snap, which you can use to create remotes for anything. No Bomes or other Midi Translator involved.

Top Left & Right buttons switch between iTunes and Live
Arrow keys navigate iTunes
TAB – Cycles thru playlists and tracks in iTunes
Play plays the track in iTunes from beginning routed to headphones only
Skip30 button – jumps the track fwd 30secs in iTunes so you can preview the whole track easily
Bottom left – Gets the .als file for the mp3 and switches to Live
Pause – pauses/continues play in Live
Bottom Right – Pastes .als to iTunes

Demo Movie

February 15, 2010

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