Getting the warping thing right

Warping is a basic skill that is essential for using Live. It is akin to beatmixing with vinyl. The downside is that it takes some preparation work. The upside is that once done you never have to do it again, freeing you up for more creativity in your DJ’ing.

Being a fundamental skill it is critical to get it right. Back in the day (not so long ago) when I learnt Josh Vons Guide to Rock Solid Warping was the definitive manual. It no longer seems to be around. However, Vinkalmann has produced a very comprehensive guide which is sure to set you right.

Download Vinkalmann’s Guide to Warping in Ableton Live

MY TIP: Save yourself from RSI and get a Kensington trackball expert mouse. Looks great, works like a dream and makes warping tracks a breeze.

You can also program the buttons giving you and extra couple of hot keys. I use Alt-Tab to switch between Rapid Evolution and Live. I also use Shift-Tab to switch between clip view and effect view.

June 26, 2007

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