Introducing AllChords

AllChords product BoxI have been working on a music making tool for non-keyboard players.  It’s called AllChords and its available now!

With AllChords, you can:

  • Play Chords with one finger
  • Play scales without having to remember complicated fingering
  • Play scales with Ableton Push style layouts
  • Save chords to memory for easy one finger playback

AllChords works with the Novation Launchpad and can send scale notes and chords to any DAW.

When used with Ableton  AllChords also has a dedicated section for Drum Rack and Device Control in Ableton.

It’s easy to install and comes with tutorial videos and a comprehensive user guide.

AllChords can help you understand music theory. AllChords can help you make music.

Learn More

Tutorial Videos

NB: For now AllChords is MAC only.

June 8, 2013

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I come from a band background writing and recording music and have recently started DJing. Prior to starting the course I had played with Ableton Live but found it to be very daunting. The 8 week course presents the functionality of Ableton Live in a logical way that gets you understanding and laying down tracks and doing your own re-mixes in no time. Every week of this course there was something that I learned about Ableton that blew me away. Tim is a great teacher and the course is highly recommended for anybody interested in electronic music production.

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