My version of the Camelot harmonic mixing wheel

Harmonic mixing avoids key clashes. Picking tracks that key well together is easy if you have perfect pitch. For those of us that don’t, help is available.

I use Rapid Evolution – a free music database tool that analyses music files and detects the key. More on this in another post. See More than just key detection RE’s powerful search facilities make it a great tool for managing your virtual record bag whilst playing.

For example: You can also save Mixouts. Mixouts are your own comments saved with tracks in your RE library. They tell you what tracks mix well with the one you are playing.

In Use example:
I limit my search results to the genres that are currently appropriate. Double clicking the track loads it into the current track section and displays any mixouts and comments as well as key, bpm, location etc.

The search results then modify to display all the tracks that are in a compatible key in my currently selected genre’s. The result is one list of tracks in appropriate genres, that key well together.

….. back to harmonic mixing

How do we select songs that will key well when mixed together. If they are in the same key then no problems. But how do we select songs that key well together if they are not in the same key.

Well, we could commit to memory a table of tonics, Perfect 4ths, Perfect 5ths and Relative Minors or….. we can use a system of key codes developed by Camelot Sound called “EasyMix”. It assigns a code to each major and minor key based on the circle of fifths. When working with key codes, compatible keys will always be +/- 1 number, or with the same number and a different letter. Read this:

Now, I modified the wheel so that it was more visible in dark environments and matched my Ableton live skin. If you dont use it for DJ’ing it will be great for darts!!

Download Rishi’s version of the Camelot Harmonic Mixing Wheel

Rishis Camelot Mixing Wheel

September 6, 2007

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