Rishi’s Launchpad Presets

When I am away from home I like to take a portable setup so I can still geek out with Ableton. I have programmed some new presets into the Launchpad to give me maximum usage of this little device.

The Session and Mixer pages remain unchanged.

User1 Preset:
Drum Racks
– Advanced Drum Rack Control of all 128 slots
– 2x drum pad modes (visible pads + 4 bank gig mode)
– Velocity Control
– Midi Feedback

Midi keyboard
– Octave switcher
– Pitch bend
– Modulation
– Sustain

User2 Preset:
Now has 5 sub-pages

a) Navigation and Control
– Top row navigate and grab mp3 or .als from iTunes
– Browse, select load from Ableton browser
– Zoom +/-
– BPM adjust
– Pitch Bend
– View Options
– Copy, Paste, Dupe, Delete, Undo, Redo
– Transport Controls

b) 2 CH DJ Mixer
– 2 CH Dj mixer layout
– 3 band EQ’s with LED feedback for visual reference of current setting
– Bass Kill with visual reference
– Volume faders with visual feedback
– FX Control Wet/Dry and Kill
– FX switcher color coded for 4x FX
– 8 Momentary FX pads
– Start Stop clip selected scene
– Navigation
– Clip View zoom in/out

c) Assignable Midi Controls
– 4x 8 step faders with feedback (can be used as a 8 step selector too)
– 4x on/off swithces with feedback
– 4x color coded switches
– 4x wet/dry sliders with kill button

d) Device Control Page
– Control devices just like the APC40 device control
– Navigate tracks and devices
– Adjust parameters
– 3x speed settings for parameter adjustment
– Buttons to set at 0,64 or 127
– Bank reset button to reset racks to 0 on all 8 parameters
– Color coded instant feedback of 8 parameters
– Selected parameter displays 8 step LED meter

e) Letter Page
– Display any letter on the 8×8 grid
– Plays in time with music
– Can also output the corresponding letter sound from the Texas Instruments SPeak’n’Spell

Demo Video Pt1 – User 1 Advanced Drum Rack Control

Demo Video Pt2 – User 2 Sub-Presets

June 16, 2010

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