Setting the BPM Range

Pitch bend and Pitch adjust with Live

Having grown up with vinyl based DJ’ing and with vinyl and CDJ’s still being the industry standard for DJ’ing, it makes sense to be able to mix between Live and decks or CDJ’s. To do this we need to be able to emulate Pitch Adjust and Pitch Bend.

From Live version 7 – pitch bend buttons have been included. You can easily map these to some midi buttons. It makes beat mixing to external sources much easier.

Marcus Wortley wrote an excellent tutorial which will help with choosing a suitable range:
“Live has a tempo range of 20.00 – 999.00 beats per minute (bpm) capable of any tempo down to the hundredth place (.01). This gives Live a total of 97,900 possible tempo states. Standard MIDI Control Channel (CC) messages have a range of 0 – 127, with no decimal resolution, and thus have a total of 128 possible states.”

Depending on your DJ’ing style you can restrict your range by changing the MIN and MAX in midi map mode. This allows your midi controller to increase in desirable increments and it restricts your range to the tempo range you typically play in.

Here is some suggested ranges:

September 16, 2007

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