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Connecting the Dots – Limited Edition CD


Tim Walter releases “Connecting The Dots” album on his own label Soundtemple Records.

Connecting the Dots limited edition 70min CD comes in a continuous album DJ mix format where the dots between all songs really are connected with extra special segue-licious supersonic sounds. (Only 100 available)

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‘Connecting The Dots’…. is an adventure that traverses a world of sounds. Each song setting its own trademark style made from a part of the past and a hint of the future. From bass resonating grooves to uplifting melodic epiphanies, ‘Connecting The Dots’ is a full body experience culminating in a blissful transcendence into the etheric divine.

Looking back in time, its easy to see how the dots that mark our major life experiences connect. No experience occurs in isolation, everything is set in the context of that which surrounds it. ‘Connecting The Dots’ is an adventure that marks out these experiences.

The CD comes in the form of a 70min continuous album mix where the dots between each song really are connected with extra special segue-licious supersonic sounds.


About the Songs on the Album:

KRIYA: A soundscape from Rishikesh, India where the foothills of the Himalaya meet the source of the holy Ganges river.

MANASAA: From the heart it comes. An idea is born. Let it flow.

SALILA: Flowing now and gaining momentum. Taking shape. Form on the move.

PALIKA: Swelling yet disparate. Energy with an edge building from below.

LEELA: Power surge. There’s no stopping now. May the force be with you.

KARMANI: Action incarnate. Powerful, established and on the rise.

ARAMBOL: Building, rising, lifting through. Ecstatic. In full flight.

ORBIS: Bursting through. Emerging crystal light.

LAASYA (Late Nite Mix): New wave. New expression. Integrated. Evolved.

LAASYA: Arriving now….. Harmony. Delicate. Pure. Blissful.

BHINI: Established…Transcended…Connected.



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