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DeckF1 Z2 & iPadDeck F1 with 2 F1's and a Z2 mixer

Deck F1


Deck F1 is a Traktor Mapping for dual Kontrol F1′s that provides an ultra-portable yet super powerful combination. Designed to be used with a club mixer, the dual F1's can sit beside or on the CDJ's to give you the best of both worlds.

The mapping includes complete control over track decks A & B. The RGB pads have been fully utilised displaying their functionality in the same color displays used in the Traktor software.

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DJ all-in-one controllers are fantastic value for money. They are feature rich, easy to use, powerful and great value for money. However, it can be hard to find space in your regular DJ booth for this type of controller. Deck F1 is a Traktor Mapping for dual Kontrol F1′s that seeks to solve this issue, by providing an ultra-portable yet super powerful combination.

The mapping requires two Kontrol F1′s, One for each Track Deck (A&B). I have some soft foam pads that provide an excellent setting for the F1’s to rest on CDJ’s or beside the mixer. Add your external soundcard or connect to the mixer via USB if supported and route Traktor audio through the club mixer. The result is a super powerful Deck controller that fits into any club situation and allows for the pleasure of using the in-house mixer.

The F1’s RGB pads offer loads of colour combinations and this is fully taken advantage of within the mapping. Cue points are all colour coded in the same way they are in the software. Cue, Play, Looping, Browse controls are also available on the pads in Traktor colours.

The mapping offers full FX control over FX Decks 1 & 2, but additionally offers push button control over FX Decks 3 & 4. 8 F1 pads can be used in a press’n’hold manner to trigger Traktor effects.

Pitch Adjust can be made in course or fine (.01bpm) increments and a shift function will take you to the playing BPM of the master track.

Waveform zoom, list, playlist and favourites browse are all available with the endless encoder.

The numerical display provides elapsed time in a percentage value by default, but will also display other information like loop size when engaged.

Finally, there is a new Grid Edit Mode which allows you to zoom in/out on the waveform, slip the grid and adjust the grid bpm. Once your beatgrid is perfect you can lock it and return to playback modes.

This is by far the most comprehensive and powerful Traktor mapping I have ever created. Combine this with the power of Traktor and the stunning RGB pads and this set up is the bomb!!!

Final note: Various updates to Traktor have caused some problem with LED feedback.  At the time of writing everything worked fine. However, some older versions of Traktor and Controller Editor had known bugs that prevented proper LED feedback.  I offer this product for free. Try it. I hope it works for you. Its been great for me.


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