Simulating a Keypress and hold with Bomes

Simulating a Keypress and hold with Bomes or Mouseless Session view navigation with Bomes

Simulating a keypress and hold is very useful when used in combination with navigation. If you are already using Bomes for navigation and you need to press a button each time you move down/up one level in session view or your library then this will help.

********************** Start of little side story ****************
First, a little story of how I got into using Bome’s. I used to DJ with Serato Scratch LIVE. Having acquired a pension for computer geekery and having no real scratching skills l decided upon a little project of making Serato midi capable. I found Bome’s Midi Translator (BMT) which enabled me to convert midi to keystrokes. However, I couldn’t work out how to replicate a keypress and hold with BMT. I needed this for Pitch bend and Pitch adjust. So, I contacted Florian Bomers who confirmed it was not currently possible, but could be implemented for a small fee. My birthday was around the corner so I decided to commission some software enhancements as a little present. Within a week I was provided with the new beta version of BMT Pro. It worked so well that I never used the Serato controller records ever again. So, simulating a key press and hold is near and dear to my heart.
*********************** End little story **********************

You will need BMT Pro or the forthcoming Bomes MT Player for this functionality to work.

It works in a two step process.
Incoming Message: Midi button assign to the task
Outgoing Message Type: Key DOWN event
Outgoing Message: UP arrow (or Down arrow for down)

Incoming Message: Same midi button as KEY DOWN
Outgoing Message Type: Key UP event
Outgoing Message: UP arrow (or Down arrow for down)

When making new translators always make the KEY UP first. It avoids key locks on the down side. If this happens press the BMT Panic button to stop them

*NB: On midi controller messages: make sure the desired button is set to send ON (Hex: 7F) when pressed and OFF (Hex: 00) when released. It wont work if you have is set to toggle ie: ON when pressed once and OFF when pressed a second time.

Download Rishis Keypress & hold BMT presets

September 13, 2007

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