Stacking FX in your DJ template using a Racks

Racks allow you to group devices. Most peeps like to have an assortment of FX available besides standard EQ and Filter. When DJ’ing it is important to be able to access these FX easily and control them without fuss.

My FX rack is a simple tool that allows me to:
1. Store all of my effects
2. Select any desired effect
3. Turn any effect on and off with one midi button
4. Control the primary parameter(s) with one or two midi controllers.

Drag and drop the rack into an audio track
Assign appropriate buttons/faders in MIDI learn to the following buttons in the rack:
1. Effect select **
2. Effect on/off
3. FX Parameter 1
4. FX Parameter 2

Drag and drop your effect or rack into Rishi’s stacked FX rack
Click the midi learn button in the rack
Assign the on/off button to ON/OFF
Assign fader 1 to a control in the effect eg: Wet/ Dry
Assign fader 2 to a control in the effect if required eg: Feedback
Open the rack chain and set a unique width and location so it can be selected using the rack select

DOWNLOAD: Download Rishis stacked FX rack

** I set 4 pads on the trigger finger each with the same Channel # and Program # but with a CC number. The result is each pad will route audio exclusively through a different effect with the CC number corresponding to an effect in the rack chain. This way I don’t have to look at the screen to know which effect I am using. I just hit the button and use the fade to control parameters.

September 12, 2007

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