AllChords - Modes & Sub Modes

The main AllChords page is where you will set the key for use in All sections. With the Key and scale type set you can:

  • Play Scales with the same pads regardless of key note or scale type
  • Play chords of 10 types with any root note
  • Play scale chords for the current key setting
  • Play the notes comprising the last played chord
  • Play chord inversions Save chords to memory for easy playback

The Scale Sub-Mode and the Chromatic sub-Mode are set up to behave in the same way the equivalent pages on the Ableton Push Device work. Here you can play notes over multiple octaves with illuminated pads to show scale notes. Playing scales is done with the same keys regardless of root note.

There is a dedicated section for control of device macro's and drum racks. The Drum Rack control via a 4x4 grid offers 3 settings.

  • Visible Pads Mode which controls the 16 visible pads in drum rack. It includes a note repeat button for playing the same sample with two fingers.
  • 16 Levels mode for playing any sample at 16 different levels of velocity.
  • Scale pads mode with highlighted scale notes for playing melody with the 4x4 grid.

Lastly, there is a smilie face screen saver


AllChords - Modes & Sub Modes

AllChords works best with the novation Launchpad. Set a key, play scales, play chords in many ways. You can even save chords to memory for easy playback.



  • Original launchpad
  • Launchpad S
  • Launchpad MINI

You can route a midi keyboard through AllChords and enjoy full velocity control. Use the Launchpad to set what the keyboard will play (Scales, Chords, Memory Chords) and then play scales and chords on your midi keyboard.


Use your iPhone / iPad with the Touch OSC app and the included Touch OSC template to control AllChords. Designed to be used with a midi keyboard. This feature means you can use AllChords without a Launchpad.


AllChords outputs midi, so you can use it with Ableton or Maschine or Logic etc. You can even send it direct to your favourite synth.


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