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Soundtemple Training offers personalised DJ courses and Ableton lessons in Melbourne to help you progress your passion. 

Our concise training pathway will keep you on track delivering what you need in order to get up and running quickly.

All training comes with pre and post course support. The emphasis is on practical, useful, fun and affordable.

About You

You’re either new to DJ’ing and Production or on your way and want to learn more but with so much information available online it’s almost impossible to know where to start.

You might be able to work it out for yourself but you don’t have the time although you want to start making progress straight away. 

Finding out what to learn and who to learn from is the biggest hurdle you’re facing.

Start making progress now - Find out how

Getting Started

We specialise in breaking down fundamental DJ and Electronic Music Production concepts into easily learned bite size tutorials.  

Our focus is to get you up and running quickly and to steer you clear of pitfalls that lead to frustration and giving up.

So, get started by checking out our QUICK GUIDES to learn what you need to know to DJ like a pro and produce your own electronic dance music with confidence.

QUICK GUIDE to Pro DJ'ing QUICK GUIDE to Producing


The Quick Guide to Pro DJ’ing is designed to be a concise introduction into what skills are involved in DJ’ing like a pro.

If you can become competent in the skills listed in this guide then you have the skills to become a pro DJ.

The guide introduces you to the fundamental concepts critical to Pro DJ’ing. Each of these sections comes with simple explanations and quick tips on what’s involved to master each one.  

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QUICK GUIDE to Producing

The focus of this guide is on producing electronic dance music with Ableton.

Just because it is now possible to have a powerful studio on a laptop doesn’t mean it’s a piece of cake to produce a hit record or a record at all for that matter!  It’s a hobby and we want to enjoy our time producing but getting results aren’t going to happen by just fumbling around.

We need to be competent with a set of production tools, and we need a methodology for taking the song idea through to song completion

There is no singular approach to successful producing.  Ultimately, every producer develops their own.  This guide offers a starting point by illustrating the fundamental concepts critical to successful producing.  It’s not a complete “How to…”  rather it provides an introduction to each of these key areas with simple explanations and quick tips on what’s involved to develop each one.

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I come from a band background writing and recording music and have recently started DJing. Prior to starting the course I had played with Ableton Live but found it to be very daunting. The 8 week course presents the functionality of Ableton Live in a logical way that gets you understanding and laying down tracks and doing your own re-mixes in no time. Every week of this course there was something that I learned about Ableton that blew me away. Tim is a great teacher and the course is highly recommended for anybody interested in electronic music production.

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