Traktor and Maschine

Today, I finally got around to doing something I have been meaning to try for a long time.

I sync’d Maschine with my Traktor DJ setup.  The results were surprising.

First, getting setup. All the necessary steps to get you started are available on this page.

I found that I also needed to make a small midi clock offset adjustment, but once done both Traktor and Maschine stayed in sync for the remainder of my session.


Midi Clock



Once up and running its simply a matter of  DJ’ing as per normal.  For me, thats two custom mapped Kontrol F1’s and an NI Z2 mixer.  With song(s) playing, its over to the Maschine controller.  Enter STEP mode and select a sound. Start making simple patterns to lay over your songs.

I had loads of fun doing this. Before I knew two hours had flown by.

The results:

Apart from being just plain good fun. Using Maschine was a great addition to the mixing process.  The 3rd layer helps to blend transitions by adding that extra part which can carry over from song A to song B.  This really suits my style of DJ’ing with deep house.

An unexpected side effect of my session was a greatly improved understanding and knowledge of drum patterns for different sounds.  I found myself emulating different percussive parts in songs I was playing.  Its easy to replicate a percussive part from a playing song in Maschine.  Once I found the pattern I filed it to the memory banks for certain use in the studio with future productions.

The next step for me will be building some custom kits to use in my sets.

I can definitely see this being a part of my DJ sets going forward.


To leave you with, here is Richie Hawtin using Traktor and Maschine with two Kontrol X1’s.

[youtube id=”sui24hHDZDI” width=”600″ height=”350″]





July 30, 2013

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