Microtonic Control Max Rack

Made my first MaxforLive device today.  It’s actually a collection of 4 devices that I hacked together from an existing device to control Sonic Charges’ MicroTonic (uTonic) percussion synthesizer.

Optimized for use with the Ableton Push Controller these 4 Max devices send midi cc messages to the selected pad in uTonic, providing control over the 4 main sections for each sound in uTonic – Mixer, Oscillator, Noise & Velocity/Global. Just select the Pad by playing it on the Push.

One instance of uTonic is housed within a Drum Rack with Live’s external instrument routing midi & audio to the other 7 pads in the Drum Rack. Each pad has its own FX rack. Plus there is one FX rack that effects the whole track. The Device chain therefore consists of 7 racks each of which can be selected from the Push controller in Device Mode. (My version of the few we have seen already)

With 2 button presses on the Push you have access to 384 controls mouse free, all labelled for easy identification. The 7 racks appear as selectable devices on the Push

So you can use the Push step sequencer to create your patterns and select the pad for control. The Push Encoders and top row of buttons in Device Mode provide full control over all parameters for all 8 pads.

Here is the device chain in Live….

uCC Device View

Here are the 7 pages as they display on the Push controller. Select the rack (Mixer, OSC etc) using yellow pads on the top row of the Push controller in Device Mode.
– The First 4 (Mixer, OSC, Noise & Extra are the Max Racks that send midi CC to uTonic)
– uDrums is the Drum rack and controls the DrumRack Volume of each Pad
– uPad is the FX rack for the selected Pad
– RackFX is the FX rack for the whole thing

7 pages on the Push Controller
7 pages on the Push Controller


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October 15, 2013

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